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Katharine Brunsch | Jun 13, 2023

Blog by Angela Garner, Animal Bereavement Support Specialist and Author of 'When it's Time to say Goodbye'

Katharine Brunsch | Sep 14, 2022

Behaviour is your dog's way of expressing feelings; in the moment, it will show your dog's emotional state, needs, & whether their bowl is ...

Katharine Brunsch | Jul 25, 2022

A guide to the best dog friendly beaches in North Devon especially if you have a nervous, anxious, fearful or reactive dog.

Caring for a Grieving Dog

Following on from Angela Garner's Blog 'Preparing for the loss of your Dog', Angela has also written a further Blog 'Caring for a Grieving Dog' which you can read all about using the button below. Having had first-hand experience of how losing one dog can affect the other when we lost Jinx, Keto's behaviour changed to reactive to everything, and it was a real struggle for both of us. Luckily Jinx had started Keto and me on our Tellington TTouch journey, which strengthened our bond and understanding, supporting both of us through a challenging time.

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