Fear of Fireworks Self Study

A self-study course that can be completed at any time of the year. Includes a 30 min 1-2-1 Zoom session for personalised support.

Prepare your dog to cope with fireworks, thunder, and other frightening noises in this self-study course, so that you and your dog feel less stressed when unexpected noises occur. 

The Fear of Fireworks Course provides step-by-step guidance to help you and your dog with noise sensitivity.
You will work through some really easy, actionable and very specific steps that you and your dog can do together so that you both feel much calmer and safer when there are unexpected noises. And so that you feel prepared to be able to support your dog wherever the noise has come from.

It's Crunchy Leaf Season!

Autumn can be a lovely time of year, but seeing the leaves changing colour can also bring on the feeling of dread, knowing that unexpected loud noises will soon be upon us.

Watching your dog shaking, panting, and pacing because they have been frightened by a sudden noise outside is heartbreaking. Their home is usually their safe place, but now they have nowhere to hide.

Autumn can be challenging for dogs scared of thunderstorms and fireworks, and the changing weather patterns and shorter days can make dogs more anxious. The loud noises associated with thunderstorms and fireworks can be terrifying for them.

Each year, if you worry about how your dog will cope; the anticipation of what is to come may also make you feel anxious.

Fear not, there are ways to support your
noise-sensitive dog!

Often we get to this time of the year and worry that it's already too late to work on our dog's noise sensitivity in time for fireworks season.
It can take time to desensitise your dog to loud noises, but we can do many easy things to support them in the meantime and get you on the right track with the Fear of Fireworks Course.

  • The 4-module online Fear of Fireworks Course provides step-by-step guidance to help you and your dog with noise sensitivity.
  • 30-minute digital 1-2-1 session with Katharine for personalised support.
  • Step-by-step videos.
  • Easy to implement techniques, with no need for hours of training every day or becoming overwhelmed with an endless to-do list. 

Learn how to support your noise-sensitive dog for just £110.00
Self-paced course.

  • Videos and handouts demonstrating the simple training techniques
  • Learn how Free Work can build self-confidence in your dog
  • Fun enrichment activities to help keep your dog calm
  • VIP Community for support on your journey to success

What Clients who previously completed the Fear of Fireworks Course said:

"The most successful fireworks time we've ever had!"

What you get with the Fear of Fireworks Course

The Fear of Fireworks Self-Study Course is a self-pace course that can be completed at any time of the year.  We look at ways to prepare our dogs for fireworks season and storm noises that occur during the winter, but the skills you will learn are universal and can be used for any noise sensitivity issue. 

However the techniques in the Fear of Fireworks course can be used for any scary noise event such as:

  • A vehicle backfiring
  • A hot air balloon flying overhead and lighting the gas burner
  • Household noises like vacuuming, the washing machine, oven extractor fans, and smoke alarms
  • Other noisy vehicles like rubbish trucks, recycling lorries and helicopters
  • Countryside bangs like rook scarers
  • These really are universal support techniques

We will look at how to prevent our dogs from becoming scared, but you will also learn Tellington TTouch techniques to help calm them if they do get frightened.

  • Learn why our dogs get scared and understand how to support them with noise sensitivity.
  • Learn techniques to desensitise your dog to noises that make them anxious.
  • Discover Tellington TTouch and ACE Free Work so that you can learn how to reduce and release physical tension, build self-confidence and give your dog self-calming activities.
  • Learn simple techniques to help you and your dog before fireworks, during fireworks or scary noises, including a plan for fireworks night.
  • There are step-by-step videos to watch with each lesson and PDFs to download so you can keep them handy.
  • Weekly live coaching to deep dive into each course module, with individualised support.
  • Lifetime access to your course materials (for as long as Canine Support is in business).

Why should you trust in me?

  • I don't just teach this stuff I use it with my own dogs. Inspired by the learning and experiences I have gone through with Keto pictured here, who became scared of noises at the age of 4 years old. I still use these techniques to support Remi and Chloe as well.
  • I have helped many dog guardians to understand their dog and develop incredible bonds.
  • Learning needs to be fun and easy to implement for both dog and guardian and my courses are designed in this way.

Course Curriculum

Additional Bonuses when you Enrol Today!

New Free Work Module

Free Work is a low-impact activity that can help our dogs reduce and release physical tension, self-calm, and build self-confidence. These benefits are especially important for noise-sensitive dogs. Sniffing, licking and chewing are all naturally calming activities for dogs, and Free Work incorporates them all. 

Access to the VIP Community

You can access the VIP Client Community, 'Bark to the Future' as a Canine Support Client. Within this community, you have additional support from Katharine, alongside other members who have been in your position. This is a safe place to share your videos for feedback and share your wins. There is also additional support, training and information which is only shared with clients.

Have a Coach in your Pocket

It's always nice to know you have someone you can turn to when things get stressful with your noise-sensitive dog. That's why you will have Katharine as a Coach in Your Pocket during the course. You can WhatsApp message or email any questions or concerns throughout the course, including any technical issues you may have. Katharine has also supported clients to help reassure them during storms, so the client is then able to support their dog.

Download the Canine Support App

You can download the Canine Support App so you can view all your course content on your mobile phone or tablet. This is perfect if you are relaxing with your dog and want a quick reminder of the techniques used with the step-by-step videos. 

Bonus Body Language Module - Understanding how our dogs express their emotions and feelings

Behaviour is an expression of how our dogs are feeling and their emotions at a particular moment in time. Understanding our dog's body language can really support us in understanding how they are feeling about particular noises. We can also understand when our dogs want to be comforted or when they might prefer just to be near us.

The Fear of Fireworks Course suits dogs of any age, size and breed.

Support your noise-sensitive dog for just

  • Videos & Handouts
  • Introduction to Free Work
  • Introduction to TTouch
  • Bonus Body Language module

Katharine Brunsch