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Free dog training REsources

Here are all my free dog training resources, which include eBooks, simple pdf's and helpful guides.
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free game

Dogs benefit from new learning experiences and challenges, and problem-solving also increases self-confidence. It also prevents unwanted behaviours, like barking and chewing.

free top tips

Download your FREE 5 Top Tips on Why Dogs Pull on the Lead and how to encourage loose lead walking. Start enjoying your walks today.

free top tips

Fireworks can be really frightening for our dogs. Their super senses can make the loud bangs and vibrations very scary. Here are some simple steps to prepare your dog for fireworks this year.

free guide

Download Adventuring with your dog for top tips on what to take with you for this summers great escapes. Includes day trips, long weekends away and camping holiday ideas.

free TOP tips

Download your FREE 5 Top Tips on how to get great recall with your dog. These top tips look at whether your dog understands what you mean when you call them, to how to make your walks more fun and interactive.

free EBOOK

Download your FREE eBook to discover the many factors that go into teaching a dog to walk on a loose lead in this comprehensive eBook, to support you to start loose lead walking.

free top tips

Download your Top 5 Mistakes You are Making with Your Dog, to understand whether they are having too much exercise, not enough sleep, whether you are too predictable and if you understand how your dog feels.

free ebook

ACE Free Work in its simplest form, is a great enrichment activity for your dog, but there is so much more to it than that. Download your FREE eBook to discover what Free Work is and where to start.

Have you ever thought about online dog training?

With online dog training, you can study the techniques and learn more about your dog before you then put these techniques into practice. You can replay the videos as many times as you like, and with lifetime access to the course content, you can revisit it all as often as you need to. The main difference with online dog training is that you are the one handling your dog, learning about your dog, and making observations every step of the way. That results in a greater understanding, building your confidence, and moving at a pace that suits you and your dog. I have found that having a trainer with you in person can be quite challenging for your dog, especially if they are concerned by strangers. The learning can be more difficult for both guardian and dog because there is a sense of pressure to "get it right." Virtual dog training will enable you to understand the principles behind the training, and give you the results you're looking for so that you can have the relationship and bond with your dog that you dreamed of.

Training made easy from the comfort of your own home.

Learning needs to be fun and is best done in a relaxed and stress-free environment when teaching your dog new things. 

Whatever your learning style, there is something for everyone, including 'how to' videos, handouts to read, and workbooks to help you progress and track your training. You can learn all the dog training tips and techniques from the comfort of your own home, and training at home with reduced distractions accelerates your dog's learning. You can then gradually take your new skills out into the world once you and your dog are ready. The courses are self-study, so you can study independently, with the information-packed modules providing step-by-step guidance. Or you can add some virtual coaching to your courses, so you get one-to-one personal assistance.