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Welcome to Canine Support

Hi I'm Katharine and I am the owner and Dog Trainer at Canine Support. I offer dog training when unwanted behaviours develop with your dog and help you to understand your dog and why they behave the way they do. I can show you how to change your dogs' behaviour through easy, reward based training that is fun for both you and your dog. I specialise in medium to large breeds whatever their background, including dogs rescued from abroad.

Canine Support is for you if:
  • Your dog lacks confidence, gets anxious and nervous in new situations and environments.
  • Your dog is easily distracted and focuses on everything except you.
  • You would like to improve your dogs' overall happiness and well-being.
  • If you feel distressed and isolated because of your dogs' reactivity.
Online Self-Study Courses

Check out Canine Support's Reactive Dog Series of small courses to guide you step by step through your training and understanding of your dog.

One-to-One Virtual Coaching

Add some one-to-one virtual dog training to your courses and get the support needed to help you with your sensitive dog. Personalised course content also included.

Free Resources

Check out Canine Support's free resources section for free Ebooks and guides to help you and your dog on your journey.

VIP Client Community

When you become a Canine Support Client you get free access to the VIP Community for unlimited support, monthly activities and lots more.

It's not just about training your dog

My training style is to give you the skills you need to understand your dog in order to effectively communicate with each other, so you can both feel confident and safe. Learning these skills in a low stress environment you will develop an unbelievable bond with your dog and with this new level of trust, together you can then begin to positively associate with the things your dog had previously found difficult. Whether that is reacting to dogs, people, moving objects, noise sensitivity, unsure of touch, issues from Lockdown and so on.
My goal is to make all dogs and their guardians feel happy, so let me know how can I help you today?

Why choose Canine Support?

Does your dog lack confidence, are they sensitive to loud noises, do they focus on everything except you?
Would you like to improve your dogs overall well-being? Do you feel isolated because of your dogs reactivity?
Do you want to learn about why your dog behaves the way it does?

“Aggression comes from a place of fear and it is the dogs’ way of communicating and asking us for help” Linda Tellington-Jones.

We use positive reinforcement methods and Tellington TTouch to improve the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your dog. Building a greater bond between you and your dog and overcoming any difficulties you might be having. I will give you the tools to be able to tackle stressful situations in a positive way.

Tellington TTouch was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones. TTouch training is gentle and respectful to the dog. We use body work, observation and ground work to enhance trust and communication between you and your dog. By using TTouch within your daily life it will reduce stress and increase your dogs confidence, focus and well-being. TTouch is especially helpful with shy, nervous dogs, sensitivity to loud noises, problems associated with aging, touch sensitive dogs and much more. 

Positive Reinforcement is a training method that uses food, toys and games as rewards to shape the behaviours we would like. It allows the dog choice and it is not forcing the dog to do anything. By being rewarded for a behaviour the dog is more likely to repeat this behaviour. My aim is for you and your dog to always be successful in whatever you are doing.

As well as training your dog, I am also passionate about helping you as an owner of a reactive dog. I know it can be stressful and lonely, but I am here to listen to you as well as your dog.
Learning needs to be fun and in a relaxed and stress-free environment, so training is offered online, or on a one to one basis. 

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