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Recommended Products that every Dog Lover Needs.

Ditch the Decision Fatigue: Here are my Dog-Approved Products for Happy Hounds!
As a dog trainer I get asked for product recommendations all the time. That's why I've curated a treasure chest of dog-approved goodies that'll transform your pup's life (and yours!). Forget endless online scrolling and confusing reviews. I've rigorously tested every item on this list with my own furry four-legged enthusiasts. From brain-teasing toys that banish boredom to environmentally friendly gear that makes you and Mother Earth smile, I've got you covered. And guess what? I'm all about supporting small businesses and eco-friendly options. So not only will your pup be jumping for joy, but you'll be giving back to the planet and putting a smile on the faces of fellow dog-obsessed entrepreneurs.

Natural Pet Care, Kind to You, Kind to Them, Kind to the Planet

WildWash was founded by Andrew and Jane Cooper who developed their own range of natural products in conjunction with one of the top ten natural fragrance apothecaries in the world. All their products are hand blended using a diverse and holistic mixture of plants, botanicals and essential oils to create beautifully natural products that truly work. The products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates, palm oils, or PEGs. The WildWash products are pH Balanced for Pets' Skin, Vet Approved, and Cruelty Free with No Animal Testing.
WildWash have a superb range of Dog Shampoo's and Conditioners, not just for mucky pups, but for sensitive skins, older dogs, light or dark haired dogs and puppies.
Click below to visit the WildWash Store and 
add CANINES10 at the check out for your 
special Canine Support 10% discount.
Don't forget to order your mixing bottle to dilute the shampoo.

Paws Trading
A huge selection of dog toys made in the UK, called Paws Made.

PawsTrading is a family-run business based in Chesterfield, UK, that designs and makes every Paws Made toy, enabling you to enjoy training or playtime with your dog. The Paws Made toys include tug, bungee, squeaky, long, short, fleece, fur, faux fur and some that you can incorporate food into. PawsTrading also offers a great selection of natural treats, chews, and much more.
Click below to browse the fantastic selection of Paws Made Toys, and add CPCANINESUPPORT10 at the checkout for your special Canine Support 10% discount on all Paws Made products.

Britains Premier Dog Walking Bag

The Pawfect Dog Bag for all occasions. This practical and versatile bag comes with 3 pockets for all your essential dog walking equipment, phone, keys, poo bags, treats, toys and water, to name a few. Two of the pockets are removable so can easily be washed, plus you can put your full poo bags in one pocket so you no longer have to carry it whilst looking for a bin. Pawfect for those countryside or beach walks where bins are scarce, and means you can be 'hands free' to enjoy your walk with your dog.
Manufactured in Devon to lower our carbon footprint, and designed by Veteran Nick who supports 3 chosen charities with each purchase. Comes in a range of colours, with or without Paw Prints and FREE P&P.
Designed to help you and the environment; let's keep Britain clean and tidy.