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Finding the right dog trainer to suit you and your dogs needs can be a difficult task, especially if you have a sensitive, nervous or anxious dog. I offer a free, no obligation discovery call to discuss the issues you are having.
You can use the chat box or send me a message below with any questions you have. I am always happy to chat with dog owners and offer support where ever I can.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Katharine xx

Meet & Treat Sessions are available.
Would you like an in-person visit to meet Katharine and chat about your dog and the training options available to support you?
Email to book a Meet & Treat Session. 

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Tim & Pete
Monty the Cockapoo

"With Katharine's help we were able to reconnect with Monty and enable positive change from both Monty's perspective and our own. This came at a time when we thought we'd exhausted all other options & even questioned our ability to continue living together in harmony".

Peppy the Border Collie / JRT

"It was really good to talk to someone approachable & pragmatic about my new rescue dog. I was very encouraged that I am on the right track & that things are going well at this early stage. I found the consultation really useful & has given me some useful pointers

Gemma & Elliot
Willow the Spaniel

 "Katharine was fantastic at helping our lockdown puppy become less anxious around people and other dogs. Highly recommend her.