Complete Dog Training Bundle

The Reactive Dog Series & Loose Lead & Connection in one convenient package.

Course Summary

This course includes five of the main courses from The Reactive Dog Series, plus our Loose Lead and Connection Course. With this bundle, you'll have everything you need to help your sensitive, nervous, fearful or adolescent dog feel safer and more confident in our world and build a stronger relationship with you.

The Reactive Dog Series is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to understand and manage your sensitive, nervous or anxious dog's behaviour.

The Series includes:

  • Understanding your dog: learn why dogs behave the way they do.
  • Managing reactive behaviour: learn how to prevent and manage your dog's overreactions.
  • Retraining behaviours: learn how to teach your dog new behaviours in the comfort of your home so they feel safer and more confident when out in the world.

The bonus course Loose Lead & Connection teaches you how to train your dog to walk in balance and, therefore, on a loose lead, making walks much more enjoyable for everyone. This course includes the leading techniques we use within Tellington TTouch, and is based on the TTouch philosophy of respect for all animals.  

The benefits of using this Complete Dog Training Bundle:

  • Increased Confidence: You'll feel more confident in your ability to support your dog.
  • Improved Relationship: You'll build a stronger relationship with your dog as you work together to overcome their sensitivity.
  • Reduced Stress: You'll feel less stressed when you're out with your dog, knowing you have the skills to support your dog.

Bundle Features include:

  • Comprehensive dog training program for nervous, sensitive or fearful dogs that struggle to process their environment.
  • How To video lessons for all the skills.
  • A whole course designated to the Human End of the Lead - it's the course your dog wants you to do!
  • Workbooks for each course so you can track your progress.
  • Private Client-only Facebook group where you can ask for support from Katharine and share your wins.
  • Coach in your pocket, where you can message or email Katharine anytime with any questions.
  • Access the Client-only Bark to the Future Community Course for monthly group Zooms for further support, training, activities and Guest Speakers.

If you are ready to support your dog in overcoming their fears and concerns, this bundle is for you.
  • Complete Dog Training Bundle
  • £225

    Enrol in Bundle
  • Understanding Your Dog
  • Foundation Training Skills
  • The Human End of the Lead
  • Creating Successful Walks
  • Loose Lead & Connection
  • £270 when purchased separately


Katharine Brunsch