offers fun and gentle training and care for dogs of all ages

Canine Communication is a gentle training method, using the dogs language with simple human body language.
It is a training method which will result in a happy and well-trained dog.
TTouch is an additional method to learn about your dogs body language. By observing your dog and using TTouch bodywork this can also assist with health and behavioural issues. All training methods are kind and respectful to your dog.
Dog Home Retreat is an alternative option to using boarding kennels. Your dog can have a home from home holiday retreat where they will still be part of the family. Dog Walking services are also available. or treat your dog to a Dog Day Spa Dog Walking services are also available or treat your dog to a Dog Day Spa.


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About Us

Katharine has owned dogs since her early teens and has learnt her skills from the best teachers – the dogs themselves, especially her Bullmastiffs; Jinx and Keto.
More recently Katharine has been studying more specific training methods in Canine Communication and TTouch to fine tune her natural ability with dogs, so that she can pass this knowledge onto other dog owners.
Katharine enjoys working with rescue dogs, tiny puppies and rebellious juveniles, all of which she has owned herself. Every dog is special no matter what shape or size.

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We are a dog behaviour specialist located in the South West also specialising in all others aspects of dog care.


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