Virtual Dog Training / Coaching

One to One personal coaching sessions to discuss any issues you have and get instant feedback and support for you and your dog.

What you get with Virtual Coaching

Step-by-step live coaching

Personalised training plans

VIP Private Community

  • Step-by-step live coaching about any of the Canine Support Courses.
  • Build a Personalised Training Plan to suit you and your dog, with videos and pdf's to support goal setting and using diaries.
  • Access to the VIP Private Facebook Client Community, where you can ask additional questions relating to the courses you are completing, share your wins plus lots more.
  • An opportunity to discuss any behaviour issues, training problems, or how you are feeling about your dog, because I am here to support both ends of the lead.
  • Book one coaching session and add additional ones as you go along, or choose from the coaching packages available below.

Peter, Debbie & Penny

We would thoroughly recommend this course because what we have learnt has made such a difference to our nervous dog. It has also given us the confidence to help improve our dogs general well being. The weekly one-to-ones that accompanied the course were worth their weight in gold. We could discuss any difficulties we were encountering and Katharine gave us instant feedback to solve our problem.

Course Summary

As a dog guardian, I know how hard it can be to figure out what is going on with your dog - 'you can't see the wood for the trees' often comes to mind. One to one personal coaching can help clear your view and break down the issues into bite-size pieces. We can set a clear training plan; you can ask lots of questions and get support to maximise your training.

Course Curriculum

  • Coaching Course
  • £75

    One Virtual Coaching Session

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  • Complete the Behaviour Questionnaire
  • A one hour personal Zoom coaching call
  • A Behaviour Training Plan

Katharine Brunsch