Introduction to Tellington TTouch & Body Work - Sept 23

The next TTouch Course will be in March 2024. If you would like more details please email

Next 6 Week Course will be in March 2024.

This course is an introduction to Tellington TTouch for dog guardians, and we will specifically be covering TTouch Body Work. There are many components to TTouch, but it all begins with Body Work, observations and learning to understand your dog at a deeper level. TTouch Body Work can be broken down into Circles and a Quarter, Lifts, Slides and Extremities, and each module provides 'how to' PDFs and videos and why you might use each specific TTouch. We will look at the links between posture and behaviour and how tension affects our dogs. With TTouch, we aren't working with our dogs to stop what we don't want; we are helping the animal to be the best he or she can be, and when we do that, all sorts of problems can be resolved.

With this course, you get seven modules of TTouch information, a bonus Body Language Module, plus six live Group Zoom coaching sessions, starting at 7 pm on Wednesday, the 13th of September. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about your specific struggles with your dog in the Zoom sessions, and they will all be recorded and added to the course, just in case you miss one. Plus you can join the VIP Client Facebook group for further support and advice.

Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:
  • The respectful philosophy of Tellington TTouch. 
  • How to use TTouch to improve your dog's physical and emotional well-being.
  • How to use TTouch to address specific health and behavioural problems.
  • How to build trust and communication with your dog.

Changing the World One TTouch at a time.


  • How To videos, handouts & audio's.
  • 6 Zoom Coaching Sessions.
  • VIP Community.
  • Bonus Body Language Module & Bonus Useful Article Module.
  • Life Time Access & App.

Some student wins from the previous TTouch Courses

My dog banged his leg jumping into the car, causing him to limp. I did a few circular TTouches over the following days and the limping stopped. When he has done this in the past it has taken much longer for him to recover without the TTouches.

We experienced some hesitation from our dog when we were putting his harness on. We followed what Katharine said about giving him time to sniff his harness, and slowing things down. Now we don't rush he's much happier to have his harness put on.

Being more mindful about how I approach my dog has made my dog more confident about being touched.

My dog came home from doggy day care and appeared hypersensitive to noises, barking at the slightest thing which she normally doesn't do. I did some TTouch with her, which calmed her down and she was relaxed enough to be able to settle and go to sleep. 

Course Curriculum


Katharine Brunsch