TTouch bodywork is a hands on method to promote calm and well being in your dog but is respectful to your dog and what they are comfortable with. Tellington TTouch was developed over 30 years ago by Linda Tellington Jones and is now used around the world. It is designed to promote self confidence and self control which enables your dog to move away from instinctive responses which are often fear based. TTouch helps to relax your dog, especially in anxious situations for example if your dog is afraid of fireworks or loud noises. It helps to lower their heart rate and can release tight muscle tension brought on by stress or anxiety.

If your dog is sensitive to having their paws touched for instance, TTouch is a way to develop trust with your dog, where they learn that contact on all parts of their bodies can be rewarding and calming. TTouch has a significant impact on your dogs responses and mood in a positive way. Just like us a dogs mood can change day by day for no particular reason. TTouch can assist your dog to make them happy and relaxed, just like a spa day can make humans feel better.

I am currently training to be a TTouch Practitioner with Sarah Fisher at Tilley Farm near Bath.

To find out more please feel free to contact me.

As part of Katharine’s TTouch Practitioner training she is required to carry out a number of case studies on dogs and small animals. If you would like your pet to take part in her case study or you think they would benefit from TTouch, please feel free to contact Katharine for more information.