Dog Retreat

Katharine enjoys looking after dogs while their owners go on holiday. The visiting dog is slowly introduced to her own dog and then once they are all happy the fun begins, with lots of play and walks. The visiting dog is treated as one of her own and part of the family. The visiting dog can be separated from my own if I am not there to supervise them for short periods.

The retreat can be as short as one night or up to several weeks depending on the length of your holiday or business trip. Our home is in a rural location with our own field for exercise as well as country walks depending on your dogs exercise requirements.

Canine Support now has a full enclosed adventure pen for the retreat dogs to play in off lead. This is also used for TTouch ground training.

During your dogs retreat they can be pampered with TTouch bodywork to alleviate any anxiety or stress of being away from their owners. A pamper shower is also an optional extra so upon your return you have a fluffy bundle of fun waiting for you.

Visits can be arranged prior to your holiday to make sure you are happy. I know myself how important it is to leave your faithful friend with someone you can trust.

Dog Packing List

  • Vaccination card
  • Name, address and contact number of your own vet
  • Dog Food and bowls
  • Details of any dietary needs or allergies
  • Any medication
  • Dog lead and collar (temporary tag with Canine Support details is provided)
  • Any favourite toys
  • Treats or favourite snacks
  • Dog bed or whatever they are used to sleeping in or on.
  • Dog brush or other equipment.

Please consider if your bitch will be in season during her retreat so adjustments can be made.


£20 per day for one dog
£35 per day for two dogs
£8 for a pamper shower

Dog Day Retreat.

A day retreat is available if you know you are going to be out all day, be it a business trip, a shopping outing or another special day out. Times can be discussed on an individual basis. A pamper shower is also available for a day retreat.

Day retreat costs:

£15 for one dog
£25 for two dogs
£8 for a pamper shower

Unfortunately Canine Support cannot offer regular daily dog retreats at this time but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Dog Day Spa.

Treat your dog to a spa day which includes a lovely countryside walk, grooming and a pamper shower, complete with TTouch to chill them out.

Dog Day Spa costs:

£20 per dog

Dog Walking

A Dog Walking service is available; your dog is collected from home and walked in the local area to you.

Dog Day Spa costs:

30 minutes £7.00 for one dog
1 hour £10 for one dog
1 hour £15 for two dogs

Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.