I found Katharine’s visit caring, understanding, non judgemental and professional.

I particularly like the way you check if the dog (and owner) have had any training previously and what is causing concern or anxiety. Katharine is very enthusiastic, patient and her love of dogs is easy to see.
The session was pitched just right and she gave encouragement to me to express how I was feeling particularly about taking Sukie for walks and some really positive suggestions how we can both work on it and make it fun.
We have done some of the zig zag stroking and she promptly fell asleep! We hope there are not too many horrible fireworks tonight thank goodness it is only once a year.

I really enjoyed Katharine's visit and she has helped a lot and made training Sukie to walk on the lead without pulling me over fun again. I was dreading taking her out but Katharine has helped tremendously and now Sukie and I are breaking it down into short training walks (for both of us) and it seems to be working.