Canine Communication

Canine Communication is about using the dogs language to improve and change their behaviour. Canine Communication can alter habits such as pulling, aggression, eating problems, barking, fear, separation anxiety and jumping up.

Canine Communication will make a difference to your dogs behaviour but it is a long term commitment. As the owner you need to be dedicated to implement the changes which may at first seem difficult, but they are actually easy and are just a change in habit.

As the owner you can use simple requests and body language with some treat rewards. Your dog will learn to trust you and your decisions. As the owner and decision maker your dog will relax and become much happier and stop unwanted habits. No force is needed but patience is required from you as the owner. Using this kind and gentle method your dog will want to do what you want them to. This method also enhances the bond you have with your very best friend.

Only one consultation is required but you will have back up for the life time of the dog.

I learnt this technique from Pam Shaw about nine years ago and used it with my first Bullmastiff Jinx throughout her life. It was such a gentle and respectful training method that I jumped at the chance of being on Pam Shaw's first Canine Consultant course which I completed in 2015. Since then I have worked closely with Pam especially when we decided to organise the Longrun Dog Festival ( which was held in Taunton in August 2016. This festival raised £1,400 which was donated to local dog rescues. As a result of organising this festival Pam has promoted me to her Personal Assistant for Canine Communication so that together we can continue to develop and share this training method with others.